Top Questions to Ask Your Roofer before They Begin Working

The roof is what defines the house since it makes it stand out. To get your roof done best, you have to work with a qualified roofing contractor to avoid regrets and blame games. However, getting the best roofers is always a challenge since not all have the expertise and experience to meet your expectations.

It is wise to question your roofer to know if they can deliver as you want to get your roof done well. But it’s never easy knowing the questions to ask. Read along to understand the top questions you should ask your roofer before they begin working on your roof.

Ask if they’re A Licensed Roofing Contractor

You should inquire from the contractor if their company is licensed as it’s a legal requirement for every state, although the terms differ according to your location. Working with a licensed contractor means that they’ll be able to explain to you the roofing code of your area if you didn’t know of any. Ensure the license they’re using is a current one so that in case of a misunderstanding or damage, you can take legal actions against them.

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Do They Have Insurance Cover?

You should also ask if the company has insurance cover for their workers. Usually, each company should insure their workers, so that in case of accidents, the insurance covers for their treatment and the damages. But if you ignore this crucial question and allow them to work without an insurance cover, you’ll be responsible for their treatment if any of the workers get injuries while at your place.

Inquire If They’ve Got Homeowner’s Reference

Before you sign a contract with the company, let them show you their previous works. The homeowner reference should be of homes around you where you can visit at your convenience and ask the owners some questions about the contractor. Knowing the roofer’s previous work will allow you to see for yourself their work and pick on the best design if you had none in mind. You should note that not all homeowners can give you relevant information since others can be the roofer’s preference who can be biased.

If They Have A Warranty for Their Roofing Work

It is wise that before you begin working with a contractor; ask them if they have a warranty. With a guarantee, you are sure that the company will do a roof repair free of charge when there’s damage. Generally, a roof warranty lasts for a year, but some roofers have more extended warranties. Plus, the manufacturers offer a warranty on the materials while the roofing company covers the work, which are different warranties. So, ensure you ask to get clarifications on each security, their terms, and the period before working with any contractor.

Ask If They Use Roofing Subcontractor

Some roofing companies use subcontractors to do the work on their behalf. If this is the case, ask them to know how you’ll work with them. Ensure you also ask the subcontractors if they’re licensed and have insurance cover to avoid unnecessary spending if there are injuries. Remember to get a lien waiver to protect you if the roofing company fails to honor its subcontractor’s agreement. If you fail to get the lien waiver, you might pay double the amount on the same roofing work.

Ensure You Ask for Their Physical and Full Details

It’s necessary that before you start working with a contractor, know their physical addresses. Know where their offices are so that if there’s a misunderstanding, you can easily find them out and sort out the issue. Have their mobile or postal address too so that doing a follow up can be easy. Remember, a company without a physical office is a cause for alarm, and you shouldn’t risk working with them. Don’t forget to ask for their company’s name since it can save you from working with a company that’s not local. If you work with a non-local contractor, it will be hard doing a follow up if there’s damage and you need a roof repair.


Before working with a roofer in your area, you should ask them many questions to ensure they’re the best and capable of meeting your demands. Ask them their physical address and if they have a license and insurance cover. You should also inquire if they have a roofing warranty; use a subcontractor, and the homeowner’s reference. Make sure all the answers to your questions are satisfactory enough before you move on.

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